Monday, October 10, 2005

Back in Sydney to BLOG!!~

Hi there everyone
Just reintroducing myself to blogmagic! Isn't it refreshing to refresh.
Have made new promises to myself re: digital stories and web-blogging with my students.
They've all made Powerpoints but have not been introduced to the glory of Photostory or blogging

Monday, September 12, 2005

My Photostory

Hi there all
My wonderful mentor Kylie came to Cessnock last week!! She kindly looked at some archived Powerpoints that I'd made for my students' presentation days etc. Hey, they're very moving... Kylie said!
THEN she directed me on to Photostory ... I'd been a bit slack and hesitant.. you know the feeling... gotta do this ... but I've not done it before so it could be pretty technical... better set aside a chunk of quality quiet time to check it... BUT I never found the down time to have a first go at it.
KYLIE was the catalyst .. and it was so easy. I haven't quite finished it yet but its a collection of photos of my students painting a mural on a garage wall so i'll finish it soon etc.
Hope everyone is having fun. The next bit for me is to get the kids going on one.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Digital Storytelling

Hi there
Well the three digital storytelling software applications I looked at were:
1. Photostory 3
2. Gnomz
3. Powerpoint (an oldie but a goodie)

To be honest I haven't had much of a chance to use the first two yet (my goal for this week!). I've just had brieft 'plays' with them. My thoughts are that Photostory 3 and Gnomz with use will become as familiar as Powerpoint because they seem pretty user-friendly.

I love the cartoon characters in Gnomz - and my students who've been brought up on a diet of Simpsons and South Park are very attracted to cartoon characters and love the idea of controlling their own cartoon. So it has a lot of youth appeal.

So far I really like the look of Photostory 3. I'm not yet up to speed with it but the one thing I really think is worthwhile is that you can put your stories on the net - that's fantastic for the students. Just got to get them thinking of 'good' stories that don't involve illicit drugs, stealing cars or bashing their latest enemy!!!

Powerpoint I have used for story-telling for some time. At the end of each semester I use Powerpoint Slideshow to 'tell' the student's achievements and highlight all the action and humour. June 05 Slideshow was 84 slides with some small amounts of text and loads of photos. Usually we put music to the background - this last time it was "Shine" but other choices from the kids were "Amazing" and "Can't get you out of my head". The downside of a large powerpoint presentation is that it's not very mobile - you can burn it to CD and send it to someone because it's often too large to be emailed as an attachment.

So for me Powerpoint has been an old friend that I've loved to use in the past BUT Photostory will be a valuable friend in the future. The students already love Gnomz and are starting to use it which is scary .... I've seen a few party scenes in cartoon form from them and their parents should be very afraid.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Funny Holiday!!

Hi Guys
Hope you had a great holiday.... Unfortunately for me I was sick for half of it!! That was a powerful bug you had Kylie .. only joking. I'll look on the bright side and thank my lucky stars that I at least got better for the last five days and squezzed a lot of visiting and shopping and lunching into a very small time. Now I'm back in Maitland and needing a rest but there's no rest to be had for the wicked and L2L co-ordinators.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Sweet Music

Well, not quite sweet actually.... more like a dog's breakfast to be honest. BUT IT WAS FUN AND EASY and that's the main thing. CDLC kids will have a lot of fun with this I'm sure and they'll be teaching me heaps once they get their hands on it. That's one thing about teenagers - things that interest them will occupy them for hours - they won't tire-they won't want to take breaks until they have it ALL SORTED!!

Day 1 of Blogging!!!

Well .... ten minutes ago I didn't what a blog was ... and now I have one!!
Yeh! The kids are gonna love this in Cessnock.